Monday, July 26, 2010


Jo Anne and I travel some in our camper and when Sunday rolls around we just stop at the nearest church and go in.....Believe me we have been in some ” Interesting” churches, met some “Interesting” people, and heard some “Interesting” sermons...

Last week we went to a church we had never been to. When we got there the parking lot was confusing so we followed another car and ended up going in a back door. There was a nice lady who caught us as we entered and took us to the sanctuary. She even came and sat with us later...(Ten points for that lady)

But to get to the sanctuary we had to navigate a couple of halls and make a right and left turn. Forgetting we had to get back out to the car, I didn't pay much attention to each turn and hall way. However, I did notice that at the intersection of one hall there was a beautiful statue of Jesus.

When the service was over we started down one hallway and Jo Anne said, “Which way do we go to get out of here and back to the car?” Well, I was not too sure myself, but about that time I spotted the beautiful sculpture of Jesus and I said, “No problem, all we have to do is go to Jesus and turn right”. And suddenly I realized what I had said.”GO TO JESUS AND TURN RIGHT”. Bingo! I knew I had to write that in my blog.

Imagine, as we travel the maze of life, if we would just always “GO TO JESUS AND TURN RIGHT”, how many of the fears, uncertainties, and bad decisions, we could avoid. And they could all be replaced by the “Peace That Passes All Understanding”. The peace that comes by just going to Jesus and doing what is right.

Philippians 4:7....."And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

“Lord, help me to day to know that I will never go wrong by doing what is right”

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  1. Can you IMAGINE....going it alone because God "bailed" on us?????? Beyond my imagination!!!! Thanks for letting us look through your window, Dale!!