Thursday, July 15, 2010


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1 Timothy 4:8

“For bodily exercise profiteth little: But godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

Don't you love this scripture? It is one of my favorites.

I bought a treadmill once thinking it was exactly what I needed to improve my health and get into shape. I put a T.V. In front of it and tried to convince myself that I could enjoy it. The truth is, “I hated the thing!” How frustrating to walk so fast and so long and get so tired without going anywhere. I now get most of my exercise jumping to conclusions.

But this old world does have a treadmill, and when we get on, it seems that it accelerates to a speed that makes it hard to keep up with the pace of life. As a matter of fact, I get pretty winded trying to keep up with the Jones' or staying ahead of the wolf that keeps nipping at my heals.

Now I have to admit that I don't think Paul is saying we shouldn't get physical exercise. I am sure he is just saying that though exercising the body will make us better fit for this world, exercising Godliness of heart and mind will get us in shape for the world to come.

How do we exercise Godliness? Well, the best I can tell is that since God is love, then exercising Godliness is actively sharing God by loving those around us.


“Lord, help me to “break a sweat” today sharing your love with those I meet. Especially those I meet who are so unlovely
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  1. How true, Dale!!! Great, wise words!! Thank you for what you're sharing!!