Sunday, July 4, 2010


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The heavens declare the Glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of his hands.Ps.19:1

How many of you are old enough to remember the Double Mint gum commercial that said, "Double the pleasure, Double the fun"?  Well, today is that kind of day.

We celebrate our freedom in Christ because it is the Sabbath and we celebrate our freedom as Americans because it is the 4th of July. "Double the pleasure, Double the fun".

Tonight the skies of our nation will come alive as we turn the darkness into beautiful displays of light from exploding rockets and breathtaking burst of artificial stars.

But, it  is just a short flash of grandeur that will only last about one hour.  Then, when the rockets are quiet and the sky is dark, There will still be a fabulous exploding display of stars, planets, and shooting meteorites that was set into motion at creation and is still there to remind all of the world that the greatest freedom we will ever enjoy, is the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ, who is the only true "Light Of The World".

God declares to us through His Holy Word that:  "I have come into the world as a light, So that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." (John 12:46)NIV

If the light has gone out in your life, why not declare this as your day of spiritual freedom as you let God light up your life and give your peace?

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  1. Thanks Dale for this beautiful reminder of my freedom in Christ. It's great to connect with your blog and I look forward to reading it again and again. God bless you and Joann