Monday, March 7, 2011


We have a gorgeous cat at our house.
I think she is a Persian/Siamese mix 
 I have never been a cat lover, however this cat is perfect in every way.  

She never gets on the furniture or scratches the drapes. She is perfectly house broken even without a sandbox. She is so self reliant that we don't have to feed her. She will let us pet her any time and is so quiet you never know she's around. She just sits on the hearth by the hour and is a model cat.

You would think there would be a real love affair between us and a cat like that, but there isn't. She is cold, indifferent, and acts like we don't exist. She could leave tomorrow and we wouldn't shed a tear.

You see, our cat is ceramic. She has the form of a cat but is void of the life and power of a cat.

Paul Warns us in II Timothy 3:5 about being that kind of Christian. He says that there are Christians who, “Have the form of godliness, but deny the power thereof”. From such, he says, “turn away”.

He says it is easy to be the “great pretender.” To know all the right words and sing all the right songs. To look like a Christian but be void of any real spiritual power. And believe me, the world around us knows a phoney when they see one. Without the love of Christ being shared thourgh our lives, we aren't fooling any one.
 “Lord, breathe your spirit into me anew today. Make me a dynamic, active Christian so that all who see me will see the power of Christ at work in the world.”

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