Friday, December 3, 2010

Willy Wallywort from Wallyville USA

I can't believe I wrote this long, dumb story. And when you read it you will say the same thing. There is nothing devotional about this one!

Once upon a time there was the happiest, nicest, little man named Willy Wallywort. Willly lived in a delightful little town called Wallyville. One of the best things about Wallyville was that every one had a good job making all the stuff that the other folks in town needed to be happy.

Willy worked at the food market on main street, and all of the farmers kept the market full of good things to eat.

His cousin, Joe, worked in the cobblers shop and made shoes for the whole town.

Willy's neighbor was Dr. Goodguy who kept everyone healthy. If they couldn't come to his office, Dr. Goodguy would go to their house and even give them medicine.

Willy's big brother, Windy, went to work every day at the saw mill with lot's of other men from Wallyville. They cut the lumber everyone needed to build their homes, and some of them worked in the furniture factory.

Then there was Parson Paul. Everyone loved Parson Paul because he loved them so much. Everyone in Wallyville went to church on Sunday morning all dressed up in their Sunday clothes and sat in their favorite pew.

They didn't have a clothing store, in Wallyville because, since all of the men worked, the women stayed home and made the clothing.

They didn't need a restaurant either because the mothers prepared the meals and the family always ate together.

One of Willy's favorite thing to do was to go fishing. You see, Wallyville was built right on beautiful lake Wallyia. There were lots of “fish frys” in Wallywille. And did you know that not one person had ever crossed the lake to the other side. It was so far across that you couldn't see the other side, and besides everyone was happy just to stay on their side of the lake. They were all busy taking care of each other.

THEN IT HAPPENED! One day a big boat came from across the lake and tied up to the towns fishing dock. Willy wondered who they were and what they wanted. They didn't look like the men from wallyville. On the side of the boat were the letters: CHINA. But what nice people they were! They started unloading big boxes of clothing, shoes, furniture, and barrels and barrels of all kinds of food.

Then the town's mayor, Bill Burp, came out to meet them. The ships captain was a lot smaller than Mr. Burp, but his smile was a lot bigger and everyone liked him. His name was Captain Charlie Chopsticks and he said he had come to save our little town. I don't think anybody knew we needed saving. We all had jobs and were taking really good care of each other.

But when the people in town saw all of the wonderful things they unloaded, everybody wanted some. “My”, they said, “we can just get all of the things we need from the big boat, and we won't have to work any more.” Then all the ladies said, “ Yea!, we won't have to cook and sew anymore. “ Every one was amazed at how inexpensive everything was on the boat, so they just stopped making shoes, growing food, and making furniture and started living from the big boat.

But it wasn't long before they realized that they didn't have enough money to buy everything they wanted. So Captain Chopsticks said, “Don't worry, I will loan you the money to buy everything you need.” So everyone in the village started buying and borrowing, buying and borrowing, and buying and borrowing until they owed the big boat lots more money than they could afford to pay.

Then Captain Chopsticks quit smiling and said, “We can't loan you anymore money or bring you anymore of the wonderful things you have grown to love until you pay your bill.”

Suddenly, everyone in the village started looking for work but realized that they had become a village of consumers and had stopped being a village of producers. When there is nothing being produced there are no jobs to be had.

Then Mayor Bill Burp had a great idea. He said, “We will just make all of the people in the village pay a high tax on everything they own or consume.” “With that money we can pay off the big boat and everyone in the my office can get a big bonus.” Then the people hated Mayor Burp and the village wanted to string him up.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY: If the village is going to survive, it will have to stop the big boat and rebuild it's own shops and factories so the people can return to work and be producers instead of just consumers. When that happens, the unemployment rate will plunge and the economy will soar in Wallyville USA.

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